Conflict errors loading customized MIB in Spectrum MIBTools
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Conflict errors loading customized MIB in Spectrum MIBTools


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


When mapping customized MIBs, an error is thrown:

"The objects in this MIB cannot be mapped to consistent Attribute IDs across all SpectroSERVERs in your environment due to conflicts with existing attribute IDs."




When adding any new OID to Spectrum (using either Model Type Editor or MIBTools), this should be done on the MLS server. MIBTools can then synchronize across all landscapes in a DSS environment. 

This error indicates that the modelling catalogs on the various SpectroSERVERs in the distributed environment are not in 100% synchronization, possibly due to custom OID/attribute additions being made on non-MLS landscapes.  Consequently, when trying to compile the MIB in MIBTools, it is trying to create new attributes to associate to the new OIDs, but when MIBTools pushes out the new attributes to other SpectroSERVERs, these attribute IDs are already being used, hence the conflict and error thrown.


To resolve this, you need to manually bring the catalogs of all the landscapes back in sync. You can do this as follows: 

1. Make the catalog changes on the master system, i.e. the MLS

2. Backup the catalog on the MLS:
a. Stop the SpectroSERVER. 
c. Save the model catalog by running; 
../SS-Tools/SSdbsave -c <CATALOG_FILENAME>
d. Then start up the MLS SpectroSERVER again.
3. Copy this catalog to all your SpectroSERVERs
4. On each SpectroSERVER load this MLS catalog
a. Stop SpectroSERVER
c. Save the models in the current SS by backing them up: 
../SS-Tools/SSdbsave -m <MODEL_SAVE_FILENAME>
d. Then load the MLS master catalog on this system: 
../SS-Tools/SSdbload -ilc <CATALOG_FILENAME>
e. If you find some models are missing or not right, you can load the models save you took in step 4c.:
../SS-Tools/SSdbload -l <MODEL_SAVE_FILENAME>
f. Start the SpectroSERVER.
5. Run online backup to sync this database with the secondary

Additional Information

Please reference "Master Catalog" solution discussed in knowledge article 121348 "How to propagate catalog changes in a Distributed SpectroSERVER environment" for more information.