UIM AS400 jobs probe job type query
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UIM AS400 jobs probe job type query


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Using jobs probe for monitoring AS400 system .
Configuring the profile with Job name and Job type 
Here is the query Job Type : drop down GUI shows , Batch,Interactive etc.
Need to know meaning of options to configure for "Online" type . Which type is supports for Online Job type. 


Component: UIMJOB


UIM 8.51
jobs 1.14

Additional Information

Jobs probe calls QUSLJOB for retrieving active jobs information from AS400.
Below is API reference for QUSLJOB and it depends on what data API is returning.

API reference for details.

Job type. The type of job. Refer to Comparing Job Type and Subtype with the Work with Active Job Command in the Retrieve Job Information (QUSRJOBI) API for information about how the job type field and the job subtype field equate to the type field in the Work with Active Job (WRKACTJOB) command.

The possible values for this field are:
A     The job is an autostart job.
B     The job is a batch job.
I     The job is an interactive job.
M     The job is a subsystem monitor job.
R     The job is a spooled reader job.
S     The job is a system job.
W     The job is a spooled writer job.
X     The job is the SCPF system job.