out of sync scenario with RO98392 and SO00360 when sharing SVC
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out of sync scenario with RO98392 and SO00360 when sharing SVC


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  We applied a large number of PTFs to SMP/E CSI for IDMS  including  RO98392 and SO00360 .

   The plan is always to deploy all maint to TEST CV environment first for testing and later to DEV and PROD environments.

    Because all three CVs use the same SVC,  and the other modules updated by RO98392 and SO00360  were only deployed to the TEST environment,  there were differences in PMARPT21 between the TEST environment and DEV and PROD.


Release: IDADSO00200-19.0-ADS-for CA-IDMS


This was a rare case where the PTFs referenced,  RO98392 and SO00360  make changes to the SVC and also several perfmon modules as well as some Source and macro changes.

  Since the SVC is used by all 3 CVs and the other modules updated were not deployed to DEV and PROD, the complete solution was not implemented in DEV and PROD,

  The resolution was to deploy all of the Modules these two PTFs updated in all 3 environments.
   This was necessary because they CVs all use the same SVC and there were co-requisite updates to other modules.  

   The rest of the maint can still be held back from DEV and PROD environments until fully tested in TEST,
but for the complete solution for RO98392 and SO00360 ,  IF multiple CVs use the same SVC you must also deploy all updated modules to the environments that will be using the updated SVC