Failed to ping or connect the server due to workspace not found
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Failed to ping or connect the server due to workspace not found


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Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


We are trying to configure a second end point to integrate Agile Central (Rally) into CDD but get an error while testing the connection: Failed to ping or to connect the server due to workspace not found


CA Continuous Delivery Director v6.7-7


Note: The cause is more technically complicated than what is described below. However, CDD 6.9 implements the use of a different Agent Central Rest API that does not have these restrictions. 

The connection established between a CDD endpoint and an Agile Central Workspace is based on two things:
  1. Workspace name
  2. An API Key created by a user. 
The Workspace that CDD can "connect" to with that API Key depends on the default workspace, or the default project, for the user that created the API Key. You can see the default project set for a user by opening Agile Central and then navigate to My Settings -> Default Project. 

Note: The test connection failure is related to the API used by CA Continuous Delivery to connect and get workspace information. The Agile Central user is able to utilize these various workspaces while working in the Rally UI. 


An enhanced Rally plugin will be available in CA Continuous Delivery 6.9 (now available). The enhanced plugin supports, given a single user and its API Key, connection to any workspace that the user has access to.

If multiple Agile Central endpoints in CDD are required then you will need to:
  1. Create a service account user for each workspace you want to connect CDD to. 
  2. Set the default workspace for each service account to the workspace you want it to connect to. One way that this can be done is by logging into Agile Central as that account, goto My Settings -> Default Project. Just select a project under the Workspace you want it to connect to. 
  3. Create an API Key for each service account. 
  4. Create endpoints in CDD for each workspace you need making sure to use the appropriate API Key. 
Important: New users may incur additional costs

For example: 
  • user1: default project set to project1 that is a part of workspace1. then i created an api key named: _apikeyforuser1 
  • user2: default project set to project2 that is a part of workspace2. then i created an api key named: _apikeyforuser2 

Then, inside of CDD add the following endpoints: 
  • one pointing to workspace1 with apikey: _apikeyforuser1 
  • one pointing to workspace2 with apikey: _apikeyforuser2