Advanced Reports displays blank page for some users
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Advanced Reports displays blank page for some users


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


When some users attempt to go to Advanced Reporting in CA PPM, the page loads completely blank for them. Sometimes this may be seen in one particular browser (Example Chrome) but works in other browsers such as IE (Internet Explorer).


Component: PPMJSP


Solution 1: Clear Browser cache and Remove temp files

Typically this issue is resolved by completely clearing the browser cache, and removing temp files.  Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Clear out the browser cache (steps vary by browser, but ensure that ALL data is cleared) 

2. Clear the 'Temp' folder and remove the temporary files by removing all the temp files from %TEMP% directory - to do this:

A) From the Windows "Run" Command Type the following %temp% 

B) Once the folder is open please select all and delete all files

C) You may see some messages stating that some files cannot be removed, on those prompts just click on Skip

D) Once the above steps finished then please close the browser and then re-launch it, then attempt to go to Advanced Reporting again

Solution 2: Check for any extensions or add-ons associated with the browser causing the issue

One way to help narrow down if this is potentially the cause of the issue is to try accessing Advanced Reporting in Incognito mode. If it works in incognito, this points to some type of extension or add-on causing the issue.