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Concurrent Manager encountered an error


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Workload Automation Agent


I am trying to create a new Oracle E-Business Suite job with multiple responsibility names in OA parameter for the new concurrent program.

How can I add multiple responsibility names in an Oracle E-Business Suite job?


CA Workload Automation Agent for Oracle E-Business Suite 11.3.x, 11.4
CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries) 11.3.x, 12.x


You need a responsibility name to execute the Oracle E-Business Suite job. Check with the Oracle Applications team for a valid responsibility name to execute the job.

You can either set the default responsibility name in the agent's agentparm.txt file or specify one in the job definition to override the default value;
Responsibility (in the job definition):
Specifies an Oracle Applications responsibility name.
Note: Your agent administrator can specify a default setting for all Oracle E-Business Suite jobs by setting the oa.default.responsibility parameter in the agent's agentparm.txt file. The value you enter in the job definition overrides the default value in the agentparm.txt file.

oa.default.responsibility (in agent's agentparm.txt file):
Sets the default Oracle Applications responsibility name. You can specify a responsibility name in a job definition to override the default value.
Example: System Administrator

Additional Information

Invalid Responsibility Used to Run a Job

The agent checks that the user and the responsibility are valid and submits a job request to Oracle Applications for execution. It is possible that a user does not have a particular responsibility but Oracle Applications does not report an error. Verify the correctness of your data when defining Oracle E-Business Suite jobs.