Artifact not found when viewing job definition in idash
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Artifact not found when viewing job definition in idash


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iDash Workload Automation


I have just installed idash ( on Windows 2012 Installation is successful and got most of the things working except the ability to view job definition.
I get artifact not found error as below :
" Artifact not found: DEV_TDSYS_BOX_RESTART_AutoSys_AS^TSD "

The log shows file not found error as below

18-09-14 01.14.22 [ERROR]\Program Files\CA\idash\dat\tmp\comm.out0.5887586297530001 (The system cannot find the file specified)

At this location I don’t see any out file however I do see comm.env0 file.
D:\Program Files\CA\idash\dat\tmp\comm.env0.5887586297530001
Which shows that it is running below command command=:autorep -J DEV_TDSYS_BOX_RESTART_AutoSys_AS -q -L 0 > D:\Program Files\CA\idash\dat\tmp\comm.out0.5887586297530001 2>&1 :

In the above command there is a space in "D:\Program Files\" and command is NOT quoted that’s why it creates a file called "D:\Program" every time I click on "JOB DEFINITION" button.
And this file contains the output of autorep command.


Component: AEIDSH


iDash installation is on D drive.
I had to explicitly create a shortname PROGRA~1 for "Program Files".

You can do this with following command
mklink /J "D:\PROGRA~1" "D:\Program Files 

Best method:
1. uninstall iDash
2. enable fsutil and create shortname
D:\fsutil file setshortname "Program Files" PROGRA~1
3. install iDash


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