How to find processes that use a Custom Operator
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How to find processes that use a Custom Operator


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How can I search and find only processes with specific custom operators or datasets?


Component: ITPAM


1. Click \Library tab
2. In the top middle you will find a search bar. This will allow you to search in whatever directory you are in. To the right of the search bar you will see an "Advanced search" link. Click it.
3. In the "Type" you can select custom operators. This will allow you to search on your custom operator name. The other fields available might be helpful in your search as well. If you have a specific users with access to the Service Desk PAM processes you could also use the owner field which would filter down the processes by owner.

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Advanced Search

If this does not get all the information needed you can also run a DB query.

We can use the following query to get the list of process definitions which consist of customer operator. 

In this example, “My_test_OP” is the name of my custom operator. 
select doc.logicalname,doc.objectid,doc.discriminatorType,doc.owner from C2ODocument doc,C2OTempDocXML tempDoc where doc.discriminatorType='Flowchart' and doc.objectid=tempDoc.objectid and tempDoc.docxml like '%My_test_OP%' 



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