How to tell how many users are using against catalog license
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How to tell how many users are using against catalog license


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we  have 5500 licenses and would like to know how many we  are using against catalog license . 

How does catalog check the concurrent users against the license in 14.1 and 17.1 ? 


Service Catalog 14.1 , 17.1 


There is no any checking for number of concurrent users against licenses for catalog product since 14.1 and 17.1 “  is correct.

Catalog  doesn't   check catalog licensing by usage ( i.e.  how many concurrent users  )  .
If your  license is 5500,    it doesn’t mean you  can only have max 5500 concurrent users to access their catalog system .   Instead ,  technically  you  can have over 5500   access to  your catalog system as soon as you  catalog app ( and its computer resource )  can handle it .

If you buy one of the Service Management packages (SDM, APM, or ITAM), you  get charged/measured based upon the SDM or APM/ITAM licensing and get unlimited use of Catalog.



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