How to send emails from knowledge documents
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How to send emails from knowledge documents


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Sending documents in email is one common practice for Service Desk/CMDB knowledge document management. However, sometimes it is a bit confusing how to send emails from knowledge documents. For example, if the end user/analyst can type an email address in "Send to" field. The tech doc explains in detail how the knowledge document emails work.


Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1 and 17.1


Follow these steps to send emails from knowldge documents:
1. Search for the knowledge document and click to open the document detail page
2. Click on "Email" from the Page options session
3. Besides fill out "Personal Message" and choose "Send Document" fields, click the search link for "Send To" and search then select contact you want
    to email to. You can repeat this to select a different contact as email recipient. Please notice that if you want to manual enter the email recipients, you would
    need to enter "last_name,first_name, middle_name" of the contacts, separated by ; and make sure the contact exists in contact repository and the contact 
    has a valid email address. For example, "Jane, Joe;Chan, Jessie, M" will send emails to these two contacts, assuming they are valid contacts and they have
    valid email addresses. Also notice that you can NOT type in email addresses here, even the some contacts have those email addresses as Service
    Desk/CMDB uses this to search for contacts and if you do this, no emails will be sent and you will see
    SMTP MAIL command failed Error (501) 5.1.7 Invalid address error
    in stdlog.
4. Click OK button to send the emails from this tech doc.