How to get notified on device reboots in CA Spectrum?
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How to get notified on device reboots in CA Spectrum?


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


This will show how to setup Spectrum events to generate an alarm when a device reboots.

By default Spectrum will only generate an event on reboot.

A quick summary is that Spectrum monitors sysUpTime on regular polls.  When we detect that sysUpTime is less than the last stored value we generate event 0x10ff0 to indicate reboot.

This will also prevent "Outage Alarms" because it was rebooted.


Release: Any
Component: SPCCSS


1. Open the Event Configuration utility in OneClick Console (Tools -> Utilities -> Event Configuration)

2. Filter on event 0x10ff0 

3. Change Alarm to a specific severity you wish to get.

4. Fill out the other fields for the alarm details that you would like to see.

5. Make sure the alarm is user clearable as Spectrum will not be able to clear these automatically.

6. Save the event.

On future reboots, an alarm will now be generated.

Additional Information

Please reference the "Event Configuration" section of the documentation for more information.