There are no dynamic alarms titles for UIM host in JasperReports
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There are no dynamic alarms titles for UIM host in JasperReports


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CA Spectrum


Since the SNMP Gateway probe was replaced by the Spectrum Gateway probe, there are no dynamic alarms titles in the Alarms Reports. Most of the alarm titles are  ALARM ON UIM MANAGED RESOURCE.



CA Spectrum 10.x


Changes for events generated by Spectrum Gateway probe.

As per the SRM functionality, while processing the Alarms, it sends a request to SS to retrieve the alarm event info. If it finds and returns the event then we have the attribute 12b4c value, so we will save that in alarmtitle table and shows up in report. If it didn't find the event and SS returns null then it will consider the Pcause title and shows up the same in report. 


There could be performance issues when we start saving all the UIM default events. That is the reason the Spectrumgtw is no longer saving the events.  The events can be customized to store them in the historical database (Archive Manager's DDMdb database).

Example showing new alarms whose events are stored in the ddmdb reflect the dynamic alarm title

Additional Information

- Out Of the Box, the 0x633xxxxx events are not stored in the historical database (DDMdb database)

- As a test, the customer customized the 0x63300eb event code to store that event in the Archive Manager's database.

- Once the 0x63300eb is stored in the DDMdb, he can now see the dynamic alarm title in the JasperReports reports.

You will also need to delete the current alarm title from the alarmtitle table. Please reference "Some of my Alarm Titles when I run an Alarm report in Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) are showing up as Unknown, although when I check in OneClick in Alarms, I can see the Alarm Titles correctly"