APM 10.7 Docker Attributes and Experience Cards
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APM 10.7 Docker Attributes and Experience Cards


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Description: We are unable to modify propagator to include docker-related attributes. We modified the properties file on the MOM, and restarted MOM and WV. Attributes are not shown, no errors on any of the files. Supportability log file does show the change being performed: 8/31/18 05:57:06 PM EDT [INFO] [Manager.Support.Properties] introscope.apmserver.atc.propagator.blacklist=Name 8/31/18 05:57:06 PM EDT [INFO] [Manager.Support.Properties] introscope.apmserver.atc.propagator.crosslayer=INFRASTRUCTURE 8/31/18 05:57:06 PM EDT [INFO] [Manager.Support.Properties] introscope.apmserver.atc.propagator.whitelist=.*Owner;.*docker_container_.*;CUSTOM..*;DECORATED..*


APM  10.7 SP1 HF12 Recent Patches: - HF10 - HF12


If you want to propagate attributes from a docker to experiences, then you need to have dockers connected to experiences. The propagation configuration above is correctly set, but the dockers are not connected with any experience,

To see what is connected without your docker, just click on the docker and the right-hand-side panel (component view) contains the connected vertices in the other tabs. If the vertex on the other tab is an experience, then that the attribute will be propagated by the propagator. 

Additional Information

Here are differences between the attribute rules and the propagator. 

1. Attribute rules use single vertex evaluation without considering other vertices in the context. It means when a vertex from the universe is matching the condition (name is not empty) then the new attribute is set 

2. Propagator propagates attribute values to Experience vertex from directly connected vertices. Connected vertices can be within ATC layer or from other layers (defined in crosslayer propagator setting) 

Experience vertex is the left-most vertex in ATC layer - usually business transaction or Frontend where the transaction starts - marked with a little arrow icon on the map) 

Experience view settings offers you only attributes that are available on experience vertices. It does not offer you attributes from dockers etc. because it does not make sense to group experience by something which does not exists.