custom object instance xog fail
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custom object instance xog fail


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Trying to migrate a custom object and its instances SERVERA to SERVERB via xog.

The custom object definition migrates fine, but all instances fail with ODFValidationException: CMN-0009: Attribute 'Status' has invalid Lookup Value 'new' Error. The status value is valid though.

Also to test I created a new instance manually through the UI on server B. I then xogged that record out, Manually deleted the record from the custom object, and xogged it back in to the object, and I received the same error.

SERVERB is version 01 17 
SERVERA  is version


Component: ODPRD


We scoured through the custom object xog output and found in the lookup section that one of the values in the lookup in question had partition info that wasn't removed before migrating the object to the new environment which only has a system partition. I cleared the partition info from that value and re-xogged in the object/lookup file. Now I can xog the instances in. Also, there was a custom process that relied on that lookup that was showing the post condition expression as invalid, and this is also fixed now.