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When configuring APS with Policy Server and Web Agent, is additional
licenses needed for Business Users ?

Also can an already installed Web Agent be used with the
implementation of APS ?




As APS comes out of the box with Policy Server installation there's
probably no license needed. To insure this is aligned with your
account, please review your licenses, and don't hesitate to open a
chat with the Customer Care team (1).

Yes, the same Web Agent installation can be used, but some additional
configuration might be needed (2).

You have to note that the use of the APS or Basic Password Services is
determined at the configuration time of the Policy Server. To switch
from Basic Password Services to APS or from APS to Basic Password
Services, re-run the Policy Server configurator and check the
appropriate box when asked to choose one of them.

Further KD give sample of APS configuration and tips (3).


Additional Information



    Obtaining a license key under My Entitlements on the Broadcom support portal

      If you need any assistance with licenses, please contact customer
      care team by initiating a chat on the Support Portal or create a
      case using the Webform.




     The web agent installer installs the Help Desk Interface client
     component. You do not have to use the APS installation kit to
     install it.



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