Manual notification Pager_email but email address is used
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Manual notification Pager_email but email address is used


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Manual notify activity is one of the most used activity in Service Desk/CMDB, where end users and analysts can chose to notify some contacts or some email
addresses at will. One behavior sometimes is confusing...why it seems the email address is always used, though it is set to not use it? This tech doc explains
and tells how you could send manual notification using the contact preferred method. 

When sending a manual notification with the Preferred Method set to "Pager_Email", the contact selected as a recipient receives the notification on both email addresses "Email Address" and "Pager Email Address", even when Pager_Email is set as the notification method for low, normal, high, and emergency. And Pager_Email method is set as preferred method on the manual notify web interface page. Is this by design? And how we send manual notification using Pager_Email only?


Service Desk/CMDB 12.9, 14.1 and 17.1 on


This works as designed...whenever there is a set "Preferred Method" on the web interface manual notify page, email address is always used, plus the specified
preferred method.
To send manual notification using Pager_Email, end users would need to set the "Preferred Method" on the web manual notify to "empty" and make sure the 
"Urgency" preferred method of recipients is set to Pager_Email