How to redirect the UA Dedup Database connection
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How to redirect the UA Dedup Database connection


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There may be some scenarios where it becomes necessary to host a CA Data Protection Universal Adapter (UA) SQL database on a different physical server. For example, where old hardware is being decommissioned or the hosting architecture is being upgraded. This article outlines the steps required to redirect the Database connection?


CA Data protection 15.x


The following assumes that you have copied the De-duplication database to its new location and applied the relevant security permissions to the Database as per the original.

1. Stop the "CA Data Protection Universal Adapter" service.

2. Use "Regedit.exe" program to edit the registry.

3. Navigate to the following registry hive.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\ComputerAssociates\CA DataMinder\CurrentVersion\UniversalAdapter\DeDuplicationDatabase

The strings present are

ServerName : <ServerName>
ServerPort : <Port>
ServerType : MSSQL

In your scenario these should be updated to:

ServerName : SQLServer\DLP
ServerPort : 1433
ServerType : MSSQL

3. Restart the "CA Data Protection Universal Adapter" service. When it has been restrated it will take the information above and it will transpose it into the ODBC.ini settings in the key


But if you need to populate the settings manually it should look simliar to the ones below

Database: UA_DDUP
Driver: C:\Windows\system
LastUser: AUser
Server: SQLServer\DLP
Trusted_Connection: Yes


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