How to identify 'pingable" in CAPC and/or DA
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How to identify 'pingable" in CAPC and/or DA


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We are running version 3.5
Looking at the DA information , it says there are 132 pingable devices.
I am looking for a way to generate a list of the hostname and IP of these 132 devices.


Dx NetOps Performance Management 3.x


You can use REST to get this info from the Data Aggregator (DA)
use a rest client such as postmane or wiztools restclient

Do a POST to the DA

header is application/xml
YOUR_DA:8581/rest/devices/filtered  (replace YOUR_DA with the hostname of your DA)

<FilterSelect xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="filter.xsd"><Filter><And><Device.SupportedProtocols type="EQUAL">ICMP</Device.SupportedProtocols><And><Not><Device.SupportedProtocols type="EQUAL">SNMP</Device.SupportedProtocols></Not><Not><Item.Name type="CONTAINS">DataAggregator:</Item.Name></Not></And></And></Filter><Select use="exclude" isa="include"><Item use="exclude"><Name use="include"/></Item><Device use="exclude"><PrimaryIPAddress use="include"/></Device></Select></FilterSelect>