Need bytes/seconds with TYPE=EXECUTE transfer
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Need bytes/seconds with TYPE=EXECUTE transfer


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I ran a batch SNA SEND transfer with TYPE=EXECUTE and need throughput (Bytes/sec) information. Is this available in XCOM ISPF option 3 (XCOM Operator Control) ? Or does specific option need to be set to get this information ? I would 'assume' this would be available in the XCOM that initiates the transfer.


XCOM r12 for z/OS


TYPE=EXECUTE transfers are not recorded in the XCOMHIST on the initiating side because the transfer is not initiated by the XCOM STC. Only TYPE=SCHEDULE transfers are initiated by the XCOM STC and the history of that transfer is recorded in the XCOMHIST.

If you want to gather the bytes/sec information for a TYPE=EXECUTE transfer, a program must be created to get the information from SMF records. That is something a user will have to write/code and maintain. We provide you with the SMFDSECT in the CBXGMAC library.