Automation of Defining Agent at Topology
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Automation of Defining Agent at Topology


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DSERIES- SERVER CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


Using a script or command to define new agents and its users without manually adding the agents to the Topology. The motive is to remove the manual work done in Topology in the Desktop Client.

Is there any way that the new Agent and its users can be defined in Topology by any script or command?


CA Workload Automation DE 12.x


You can use the CREATEAGENT command to add new agent and its users to the Topology. The following example adds a new agent (MYAGENT) to the Topology:

createagent name("MYAGENT") description("Windows-NT/2000") address("HOSTNAME") port(7520) template("winnt") version("Release 11.3") encryptkey("1234567890ABCDEF") encryptionmethod("DES") snmpenabled(true) userids(userid(id("user1") password("1234567890ABCDEF")) userid(id("user2") password("1234567890ABCDEF")))

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