DSE: Spectrum -> eHealth drilldown does not work
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DSE: Spectrum -> eHealth drilldown does not work


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CA Spectrum


The customer tries to run a report drill down from Spectrum to eHealth.

The URL returned by Spectrum to be opened by the browser is invalid:
HTTP Status 500 - no protocol: {baseURL}/cgi-bin/nhWeb?

This problem was visible in Spectrum 10.2.0 and is still present in Spectrum 10.2.3.


Spectrum - eHealth - integration


The link that is created internally in Spectrum was using the "hostname" only, as it is setup on the OneClick webpage -> Administration -> eHealth Configuration, under "eHealth Server Name".

When changing the hostname to FQDN in the website that opened with the error, the link was working. During link creation, the attribute "ServerHostName" is used.

With the following steps, it can be changed to use FQDN instaed of only the hostname.
- In the Spectrum OneClick console (Navigation window)
- Expand eHealth Manager in the Navigation
- Expand eHealth Cluster.
- Select eHealth console server
- Click on the Attributes tab in the Component Details and search "ServerHostName" attribute
- Set the ServerHostName to FQDN

Customer did test this and now the eHealth reports can be opened again from the Spectrum OneClick console.