PDS Agent: #CPU-Sockets and #CPU-Cores invalid
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PDS Agent: #CPU-Sockets and #CPU-Cores invalid


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 --------- PDS Agent: #CPU-Sockets and #CPU-Cores invalid Problem: --------

For virtual Windows Servers the number of CPU Sockets and CPU Cores is reported wrongly.
For Example:
- If there are 2 CPUs with 3 cores each, ITCM reports 6 CPUs with 1 Core each instead.
-  In case of Windows Agent the data is correctly reported in case of manual WMI commands.



ITCM 14.0SP2 
Virtualisation SW: almost all servers run on VMWare ESWX 6.5 (some still use 5.5)
Agents on virtual Windows Server (several CPUs and Cores per CPU)
No problem for Agents on virtual or physical Linux / Unix server machines and Agents on physical Windows Servers.



It has to use SMBIOS instead of WMI interface.
WMI interface of ITCM cannot be used for the following reason: If it tried to configure WMI interface of ITCM they had to use additional inventory, because in this case not the same fields innthe general inventory are filled.
If the same fields were filled, it could use WMI as well as SMBIOS.
The data is further processed and is provided for use by other tools via interfaces.
Use of WMI instead of SMBIOS means huge extra effort because for all virtual windows servers other fields had to be used for CPUs and Cores per CPU (additional inventory via WMI) compared with the standard case (gerneral inventory via SMBIOS).
It had to use additional scripts / SQL statements for a mapping to the same attributes in the target system just for something that is reported wrongly by ITCM.
Furthermore it is not able to switch to additional inventory per WMI completely as it has Linux and Unix Servers in the environment where WMI is not available. 


Please contact CA Support for this Case.
Testfix T5J8091 was provided from Substaining Engineering.
Download to one (1) virtual client and apply it there. 
Perform a recollect of that agent from the DM and give it some minutes to get processed.