Cannot save my personal search filter
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Cannot save my personal search filter


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Customer is trying to save a search filter and for some contacts, they get:
Fail to save search filter "XXXX" : Internal error with restructure call


CA Service Desk Manager 17.x


Run the following command to take a backup of the table where the Scoreboard is registered: 

pdm_extract User_Query > usq_backup.txt 

Identify the obj_persid for the affected user's record in the User_Query table. The ca_contact table may be used to get that value (which corresponds to the id column in that table). For example, the following command retrieves the id of the Administrator user from the contact table: 

pdm_extract -f "Select id from ca_contact where userid = 'Administrator'" 

Extract all rows from the User_Query table relating to this record: 

pdm_extract -f "Select * from User_Query where obj_persid = 'cnt:XXXX' " > user_reset.dat 

where cnt:XXXX refers to the value returned for ID in the previous step. 

Run the following command to remove the entries for that user in the User_Query table: 

pdm_load -v -r -f user_reset.dat 

The -v flag will display each action taken by the command above. If you prefer, you can run the command as follows to keep the output for reference: 

pdm_load -v -r -f user_reset.dat > user_reset.out 

Run the following command to refresh Service Desk cache: 

pdm_cache_refresh -t User_Query 

Clear the Internet Browser cache of the user having the problem. 

The next login done by any user will show the Default Scoreboard defined to his Access Type.