F5 BigIP traps wont forward to the node model
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F5 BigIP traps wont forward to the node model


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CA Spectrum


We have F5 devices modeled in Spectrum. They are receiving traps correctly. We also see in the trap varbind in the Event Log the IP Address of the node which is down that produced the trap. We want to forward the alarm to the downed node model, not on the F5 model.

We have an idea to parse out the IP from the trap varbind, and then convert to IP using ToIpAddr() method, and then search Spectrum database for that IP to assert the alarm to using IP Address attribute 0x12d7f. However we are having trouble getting the event procedure for this to work - what is wrong?


Release: Any
Component: SPCAEM


The procedures have not been enhanced to support a version neutral IP. The problem is using the new network address attribute (0x12d7f), which is of type 'InternetAddress'. This type holds a version neutral IP address (so could be v4 or v6). Procedures do not yet support that type, unfortunately. The ToIpAddr() proc just returns the old v4 only IP address (IP Address, or often also 'Agent ID' in Spectrum). So this is the reason the procedure fails. 


There may be some workaround to this issue. One suggestion would be to create a SpectroWATCH which holds the IP Address of the Node - and then write a procedure that recalls the Watch Attribute, which value contains the IP, and then use that to search the Spectrum Database on 0x12d7f and assert the alarm to the proper model. 

Another possibility could be to write the procedure using  'Legacy Network Address' attribute (0x1027f) instead.

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