How to download a probe in IM
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How to download a probe in IM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


To download a probe in IM a few steps are needed to be completed.


How do you download a probe in IM


All version of UIM and IM


1. In IM under tools - Options - Add your internet archive ( pass/user, and click 'Attempt Internet Archive integration with local archive". Press ok to leave once done.
2. In IM go to archive on the left panel
2. Chose the name of the hub archive you wish to access.
3. On the main panel, you will see a list of the probes.
4. The back ones are not downloaded, the yellow means an older version is downloaded, and the green means its current and present.
5. To download a probe right click on it and choose download.


Additional Information

The online archive at is now tied to the OKTA ID used to login to the support site. 

If the OKTA ID fails at reset the password at: