Alamofire GET/POST example of log network events
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Alamofire GET/POST example of log network events


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CA App Experience Analytics


It has been observed that there can be conflicts with the Alamofire HTTP framework when monitoring Swift apps using the CA AXA iOS SDK.
There is impact on authentication, caching and redirection, amongst other features.
To ensure the functionality of the app, it is required to disable network swizzling.

We are providing suggestions on how the network calls may be monitored in a custom manner


Release: AXCUMP56500-17.3-App Experience Analytics-Consumer End Users-MSP


The attached file contains an example of how both GET and POST requests issued using Alamofire framework might be monitored using the iOS SDK

Additional Information

Link to documentation of SDK options where you can configure to turn off network swizzling (SDKNoNetworkSwizzling )

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