Clarity Agile Central Sync Job throws error - Not Authorized to update
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Clarity Agile Central Sync Job throws error - Not Authorized to update


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When attempting to run the Agile Central sync job in Clarity for a specific project, you may see following error(s) in the bg-ca.log:

- There was a problem syncing tasks for the CA PPM project:P&C Maintenance and Support Error updating portfolio item : f6e419e9-519c-485a-9a09-2b3436680db8 , Error Message:Not authorized to update: Feature 19457166996


- Error updating Portfolio Item : 5e5626dc-199a-48bf-9616-d68d762244ea , Error Message: Not authorized to update: Initiative 299551544560


Component: ODBPM


Note that this "Not authorized to update" error message can be related to multiple causes.

As a troubleshooting step you can try to log in to Rally and execute the same update as a logged in user within the Rally application. If the user gets the "Not authorized to update" error in the Rally UI, the cause of this error is likely due to a permissions issue within Rally, i.e., the error could be triggered in Rally, outside the Synchronize Agile Central Integration Job.

This error may be triggered by a few scenarios in Rally as per the KB article -
The Rally parent work item is in a closed project
The Rally parent work item is in a project which the user has no access to
The Rally parent work item is in a project which the user has only viewer access to
This may also be caused by a backend problem with the Rally user's access.

Please review the Rally permissions of the profile under which the Clarity Rally integration runs, to ensure the profile has elevated rights on the synced projects. Any Rally 'Viewer’ permissions will likely need to be reviewed. When items are created in Rally and the permissions are not set properly here, this could potentially cause the Clarity integration job to fail.

Another possibility to check, are you are using the Archive process in Rally such that once a feature is completed and more than 6 months old, it gets archived to a second project.  When we map the Clarity Rally Integration we provide a project, and that feature is no longer on that project, and thus you are not authorized to update it because its not in the specified project - although the API key has access to all projects, the integration is not currently flexible enough to support syncing features across projects. If you are using a service account for the integration, you can provide that service account editor rights to the Rally Project Archives folder in Rally.  Then the integration will be able to update those features, and will no longer throw the Authorization Error.