How do we enable Rest services or UIMAPI in UIM SaaS
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How do we enable Rest services or UIMAPI in UIM SaaS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Currently as of 9-18-2018 UIM SaaS 9.x does not have any type of REST interface enabled.
SaaS Customers may call in asking to have this enabled for the business requirements.


How can we enable or access UIMAPI or web services Rest calls in UIM SaaS


UIM SaaS 9.X


Comment from UIM Saas Product Owners:

Neither the UIMAPI nor the UIM Webservice_rest packages are supported in the uimsaas cloud environment.

Currently the user only knows DXI authentication and not UIM authentication user/password, there would be no way of a customer using uimapi in the uimsaas cloud environment.

Also, the webservices_rest package is deprecated and should not be used anymore - uimapi is the supported rest service going forward.

Even if authentication was changed, we didn’t want this package on cloud ump instances because someone could perform the equivalent of a denial-of-service attack quite easily by flooding the server - impacting all customers.

Currently, there are no plans to allow for this functionality in the future.