CA Spectrum - Jaspersoft Error "jrs.jsexception.error.creating.connection"
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CA Spectrum - Jaspersoft Error "jrs.jsexception.error.creating.connection"


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CA Spectrum


After new Jasperreport Server installation and successful integration you receive a popup window in Jasperreport Server with the following exception message, when trying to run a report.

java.sql.SQNNonTransientConnectionException: Could not connect to address ....


Spectrum OneClick Server 10.X
Jasperreport Server 6.4.3


The datasource setting in Jasperreport Server is wrong after initial integration or executing Re-deploy in
Spectrum OneClick - Administration - Report Manager - Jasper Integration


This issue has been addressed in Spectrum 10.2.3 with the 10.02.03.PTF_10.3.336 patch.

This issue has also been addresses in Spectrum 10.4.1.

This issue can also be addressed by doing the following:

    1. Login to Jasperreport Server
    2. In the menu bar select: View -> Repository
    3. Open the folder: root -> Public -> ca -> Spectrum -> datasources
    4. Right click on spectrum_domain_ds in the Repository area and select Edit
    5. In the upcoming screen (Edit Data Source: spectrum_domain_ds) edit the URL to fit your SRM (Spectrum Report Manager) name:
      • jdbc:mysql://<<your_SRM_Server_Name>>:3306/srmdbapi
      • Note : Do not Enter FQDN in the SRM Server Name, just enter Host Name
    6. Click Save to leave the screen and click Save on the upcoming popup, too.
    7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 for spectrum_ds

Note : Please restart the Apache Tomcat on the Jaspersoft Server & Relaunch the browser.

If you test the connection and you are still unable to connect, try adding the fully qualified domain name to the name of the SRM machine.  For example instead of:


Add the FQDN: