Finding CA Ideal application load module date and version metadata
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Finding CA Ideal application load module date and version metadata


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When browsing a CA Ideal application load module there are several pieces of metadata that can identify the source program as well as compile dates.



Component : CA Ideal



Identifying the CA Ideal program load module

Using CICS transaction IPCV or IDLX (IDEA), issue the following command:

=> @I$SCF PGM=loadmodulename

(Note that the information can also be found via CICS DBUT transaction.)

This example shows the load module information for program PHBEDIT in system ARP, using this display:

Module offset (hex) Description Value in Module
8 Common CA Ideal load module coremark QQQQLMID
10 Module name (7char) with suffix U, R, S or P
Note: The suffix reflects the module type:
               R = reentrant (non-updateable)
               U = updateable
               S = symbol table
               P = reentrant part of panel
1B Ideal system name ARP
1E Source program name PHBEDIT
26 Source program version 013
29 CA Ideal compile date/time (yymmddhhmmss) 160616104401
35 CA Ideal release 140
3A Program Name PHBEDIT
41 Date/time created (yymmddhhmmss) 161212170346
4D CA Ideal program release 140

The above information should also be seen in the Datadictionary when using the DDOL command


Additional Information

For more information about the format of program and panel modules in CA Ideal, please review the CA Tools documentation:

CA Ideal Version 15.1 Module Definition

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.