CA API Gateway Licensing For Java Version 11 And Later
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CA API Gateway Licensing For Java Version 11 And Later


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STARTER PACK-7 CA Rapid App Security CA API Gateway


Beginning with Java 11 the Oracle JRE and JDK requires a license to run in a production environment.

Will the Java license be included in the product license of the CA API Gateway? If not, does the product CA API Gateway support OpenJDK as a Java runtime?
Is there a need to buy additional Java licenses for products we use?


Component: APIGTW


Broadcom currently licenses the JDK from Oracle (for updates and rights to re-distribute) on behalf of customers, the cost for that is included in customer's regular Gateway support and maintenance  There is no requirement for customers to license their own copies of the JDK directly from Oracle.

We will continue to monitor Oracle's licensing process, however we do not anticipate our redistribution model and ability to license on behalf of end customers changing at this time. There are no current plans to support OpenJDK with the Gateway or Policy Manager.