Datacom Security Audit Best Practice
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Datacom Security Audit Best Practice


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Datacom Datacom/AD Datacom/DB


We are using external security, and want to know if there is any published security audit best practice for Datacom?


Component : Datacom/AD

Component : Datacom/DB


Unfortunately, there is no best practice documentation for using or auditing internal or external security with Datacom. Because of the wide diversity of implementation available across different ESM products, and because there are multiple levels of implementation available, any attempt to try and define a single best practice could be rendered ineffective as soon as someone needed to configure their ESM product differently due to company practices and guidelines.
As a simple example, having a closed security system or an open system would lead to a totally different manner of implementation, and what might be a best practice in one would be difficult or impossible to implement in the other.
Consequently, we recommend that clients follow any suggested audit practices related to their ESM for use against special resources or classes and against users as defined explicitly or generically in these classes. As most of our external security definition is resource-based and not dataset-based, this would most likely provide the best results.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.