Agents not starting after reboot
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Agents not starting after reboot


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


Linux/Unix servers are reboot after server patches are applied. After the machine is reboot the agent is not starting. 


CA Release Automation Agent 6.x


It was believed that presence of the file was preventing the agent from restarting. 


The problem described was not seen after the agent's were upgraded to version 6.5 - because this version (and possibly some earlier versions) will delete the pid file if it exists during the start of the agent if the pid is not valid. 

For agent startup problems after a reboot the following information will typically help identify the cause: 
  1. a copy of the conf/version
  2. capture of the following:
    1. ls -laR (agent install folder)
    2. uptime (output)
    3. copy of agent logs folder
    4. copy of AgentInstallDir/conf/
    5. output of the ls -la /etc/rc5.d and /etc/init.d
    6. RHEL7 ls -la /etc/system/system
    7. RHEL7 cat /etc/system/system/nolioagent.service 
    8. screenshot of number 5 and 6