Finding CA Datacom Product Compatibility and Life Cycle Information
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Finding CA Datacom Product Compatibility and Life Cycle Information


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In order to receive the best support for your CA Datacom products, and to be sure that you are running versions that are still supported, you might need to know when a product or version was available (GA date), and the date that it was no longer supported (EOS date).

This information is readily available within the CA Datacom product pages on Broadcom Support Online, for z/OS-, z/VSE- and PC-based products.


Here is how to find the Life Cycle information - GA Date, Version, End of Support (EOS) Date, etc. - for CA Datacom products.

After you login to Broadcom Support, select the tile for Mainframe Software.

Next, for compatibility information (for CICS, IBM zEnterprise, z/OS, etc.), click the tile for the Compatibility Matrix then select the type of compatibility you want to learn about. In the Search By Product Name box, you can enter Datacom, and see a filtered list of products with their status. Then, for Lifecycle information, you can click the link called "Product Status" from the Compatibility listing of your product.

To skip the compatibility information and go directly to the Lifecycle information (after clicking the Mainframe Software tile), scroll down and click the View Lifecycle Dates link in the Release and Support Lifecycle Dates box. Scroll down the list and click on CA Datacom to receive the Lifecycle information.

Additional Information

As always, please contact CA Technologies support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.