"String index out of range" Errors in the info.log
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"String index out of range" Errors in the info.log


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iDash Workload Automation


We are noticing repeated "String index out of range" errors in the iDash info.log that look like this...

18-09-11 08.54.04 [ERROR] site:com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASummary: E:\PROGRA~1\CA\iDash\IDASH_~1\log\sla\final\XXXXXX^XXXXXX-20161216-2115-mst.txt
java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 4
at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1963)
at com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASummary.formatDateOnly(SLASummary.java:349)
at com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASummary.<init>(SLASummary.java:409)
at com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASummary.getFinalSummaries(SLASummary.java:161)
at com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASlice.populateSLATree(SLASlice.java:352)
at com.ca.idash.core.sla.SLASlice.calculateSLAs(SLASlice.java:201)
at com.ca.idash.core.site.SiteD.buildSnapshotX(SiteD.java:327)
at com.ca.idash.core.site.SiteD.buildSnapshot(SiteD.java:250)
at com.ca.idash.core.site.SiteD.oneIterationX(SiteD.java:232)
at com.ca.idash.core.site.SiteD.oneIteration(SiteD.java:190)
at com.ca.idash.core.server.BaseThread.run(BaseThread.java:159)

What is the root cause of these errors and how do you correct them?


Component: 7IDASH


The error refers to an archived SLA history file. In the example above, it is...


The error occurs when the file is empty or corrupt in some way. The error has no impact on the overall functionality of iDash. It does mean that the run of the SLA contained in that history file would not show up in an SLA trend report or in the SLA run history.

To correct the error, simply delete the file referenced in the error.