How to prevent Job names from being incremented
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How to prevent Job names from being incremented


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Set the INCREMENT_JOBNAME=N to prevent the batch package process from incrementing the job name, but would like to prevent the job name from being incremented in all situations as well.

Is there a way to disable this feature on all panels that submit batch jobs?


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Choose from any of the 4 workarounds:

  1. Use # or $ as the last character of the job name.
  2. Remove all the SELECT statements from the job card in the C1SB3000 skeleton which is located in IPFX.IQUAL.CSIQENU and hard code your own job card.
  3. On the batch job card panel DO NOT USE Line 1, start the job card on line 2.
  4. If you must use Line 1, use a job name other that the TSO user id. If the job name does not match the user id it will not be incremented.