Finding zEnterprise Compatibility for CA Datacom
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Finding zEnterprise Compatibility for CA Datacom


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When upgrading mainframe hardware to a new zEnterprise processor, it is important to understand whether your CA software will function properly, or if special solutions are needed. This article is written for the CA Datacom product, but the steps here can also be used for any other CA Technologies mainframe product.


Once you have logged in at Broadcom Support, click the Mainframe Software Tile, then on the next page, click the Compatibility Matrix tile. On the Mainframe Compatibilities page, you can select the link for the category you want to check.

In this case, select the IBM zEnterprise Compatibility link and on the Matrix page, you can search for whichever product you need. Here you can enter DATACOM and then scroll down the filtered list to see if your product and version is compatible and if any special maintenance is needed.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.