SNMPGET polls device with hardcoded OID and fails to monitor custom MIB
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SNMPGET polls device with hardcoded OID and fails to monitor custom MIB


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


SNMPGET probe cannot support devices with custom MIBs, or devices that do not follow the SNMP Standards. When a new device is registered to snmpget, the probe tries to connect to the device and poll standard SNMP oids, like the oid is the standard SNMP System Uptime (sysUpTime) oid. If the custom MIB does not support the standard OIDs then the device is not registered to the snmpget, although connectivity is ok

We see the following in the snmpget probe log:

snmpget: (SNMPQueryCreate) - peer:, ver.:2,community:public,options:timeout=1,retries=-1 
snmpget: (SNMPCreateSession) - peername:,args:timeout=1,retries=-1
snmpget: (DoQuery) - called with hostname:, oid:. 
snmpget: (DoQuery) - Name is: 
snmpget: SNMPAgentResponse:,tused=2ms - FAIL 
snmpget: GetSNMPfromProfile: ERROR tused=2ms 
snmpget: GetSNMPfromProfile: SNMPQueryCreate failed retry -1- 
snmpget: Profile: '' retry [1/2]


Component: UIMSGT


- The probe is expecting that the MIB contains the mandatory system group fields as defined in rfc1213


With the current design of the probe we check for agent response based upon the sysUpTime oid. If the oid is not available then the probe will generate an alarm.
There is an idea raised on the user community to request that this be supported by the probe.