The CA Dispatch online viewing "PAGES" command
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The CA Dispatch online viewing "PAGES" command


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


You are receiving SATURATION warning messages regarding space usage on the CA Dispatch LDS files such as 'CADD022W SPLx Saturation=080 percent, UTIL1 threshold reached".

Is there an easy way to determine which REPORTS and MSGCLASS entries being stored in online viewing are the largest  entries taking up the most LDS s storage space?




- To locate reports or MSGCLASS data with nnnnn or more pages, (where the value of nnnnn is specified as a numeric value for the number of pages you are looking for) enter the command: 


PAGES nnnnn 


- The resulting display will only list the reports or MSGCLASS data that contain nnnnn pages or more. 

- The PAGES command can be issued on either the "VOVMI010 - View Report Selection Screen" or on the "VOVMI200 - MSGCLASS Job Selection Screen".