Spectrum - Service Desk Ticket Templates Integration
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Spectrum - Service Desk Ticket Templates Integration


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This describes how to define error codes in Service Desk so that Spectrum raises a ticket using a specific template other than the default.

I have multiple ticket ticket templates associated with errors in my Spectrum Web Services policy in Service Desk Manager.  How do I choose which error type and ticket template that will be used?



ServiceDesk 12.9, 14.x, and 17.x


First, you must define a SOAP web services policy for Spectrum in Service Desk.  To do this, go to the Administration tab, and then select SOAP Web Service Policies->Policies->SPECTRUM_POLICY.  


Under this policy you can select the Error Types tab and create a list of errors to use.   

Each Error Type Detail has a Ticket Template Type and Ticket Template Name field, which determine the type of ticket and ticket template that the error will use respectively. 

Once you have configured the Spectrum policy and defined error types with unique ticket templates to your satisfaction, you will need to configure Spectrum 


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