What is UFOPTFH and what is it used for?
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What is UFOPTFH and what is it used for?


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What is UFOPTFH and what is it used for?


Release: ESBUFO99000-3.2-Extended Support Basic-for UFO


UFOPTFH is an online utility provided by UFO. UFOPTFH displays the list of fixes applied to the CA-UFO system running in the online CICS region.

Each UFO APAR consists of the fix for the documented problem as well as an additional zap to the csect UFXXPTFH in the MVS module (or VSE phase) named UFLSTG32.

The zap to UFLSTG32 contains an identifying "PTFH" number and offset into the csect determined when the APAR is prepared for distribution.

For example, the "PTFH" portion for UFO OS/390 APAR LO77376 is:


VER 00046A 4040,4040,40
REP 00046A 5CF0,F2F2,F3


After APAR LO77376 is applied, UFOPTFH will display the PTFH numbers of all the applied APARs as well as the value "0223".


To illustrate, here is a captured screen display from UFOPTFH:


UFOPTFH            List of Current PTF's Applied           Function--> *

Current Version Level: R3.2.0 Release Date: 10/31/97 PTF's Applied Are:

*0001 *0003*0004*0005*0006*0007*0008 *0010 *0012
*0013*0014*0015*0016 *0018 *0019*0020*0021*0022 *0024*0025
*0027*0028*0029 *0031*0032*0033*0034*0035 *0037*0038 *0041
*0044*0045*0046*0047*0048 *0050*0051*0052 *0054*0055
*0057 *0059 *0062*0063 *0065*0066 *0068*0069*0070
*0074*0075*0076*0077*0078*0079*0080*0081*0082 *0085
*0087 *0089*0090*0091 *0093 *0095*0096*0097*0098*0099*0100*0101
*0102*0103 *0105*0106*0107 *0109 *0112 *0114*0115
*0117*0118*0119*0120 *0122*0123*0124*0125 *0127*0128*0129*0130*0131
*0147 *0149 *0151 *0153*0154 *0156*0157 *0159*0160*0161
*016? *0165 *0167*0168*0169 *0171*0172*0173 *0175*0176
*0177*0178*0179*0180 *0182 *0184 *0186 *0191
*0192*0193*0194*0195*0196 *0200*0201 *0203*0204*0205
*0207 *0211 *0213 *0216*0217 *0219*0220

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Notice "0223" in the last entry in the display above. Each "slot" shown in the UFOPTFH display is meant to represent a PTFH number. Notice also, in the display above, that PTFH numbers 0009, 0011, 0218 as well as other numbers are not displayed. The omission of the number indicates that no APAR with that PTFH number is applied.


UFOPTFH is a quick way to tell which APARs have been applied. The Product Maintenance Letter (PML) for CA UFO service packs provides charts showing the UFO Solution number, the APAR description, the APAR number, and the PTFH number. One can quickly check the chart against the UFOPTFH screen to tell which APARs have not yet been applied.

The latest letter is LI83452.

Also, UFO Support often requests or requires a copy of the UFOPTFH screen when researching a UFO product problem.