Cannot Collect Data from Scalability Server
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Cannot Collect Data from Scalability Server


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We are unable to collect data (Engine Collect Fails) from one of our Scalability Servers. We cannot CAF PING or CAMPING from the Domain Manager or cannot do so all the time.


Release: UASMGT60000-1402-Asset Management


Typically, the issue is with the reliability of UDP communication on segments of the network. Switching only the Scalability Servers (SS) to use TCP for Scalability Server to/from Domain Manager (DM) communication while allowing agents to continue to use UDP is normally the best solution.


1. Browse to "%cai_msq%" on the SS and open CAM.CFG in notepad.* Once open, remove ALL entries in the *PATHS section that contain the EXACT string "protocol = udp  port = 4104". Those are never needed and cause CAM to start up and run very slowly.

*CAM.CFG does not exist in this location by default. To generate it on the SS, stop CAF and then run the following command line:

          camclose & cam start -c -l & camsave persist
          CAF START

2. Add ONE line to the CAM.CFG *PATHS section like the following example**:

<Domain Manager Name> protocol = tcp  port = 4105

**Before doing this, make sure the network is properly configured to allow TCP port 7163 traffic between SS and DM (When CAM uses TCP and port 4105, that is intercepted locally and transmitted over port 7163 to a port multiplexer listener on the other when which then passes it back to CAM on port 4105 internally)

3. In CAM.CFG, remove ANY/ALL entries in the *ROUTING section of this file. These items are auto-generated and should never be retained when generating a CAM.CFG file.

4. Save the new CAM.CFG, making sure to replace the existing one and making sure there is not an invisible .txt at the end of the file name as Windows sometimes hides the actual file extension.***

***NOTE:CAM.CFG is not machine specific. A copy of the same file can be copy-pasted into the same location on all SS machines pointing to the same DM. Just remember to recycle CAF and CAM as in the above example.

5. Run the following commands on the SS:
    caf stop all
    cam change disabled
    cam stop
    csampmux stop
    cam change auto & cam start -c -l
    caf start

6. Now test communication to the DM from the SS side and let me know if it works.