Bulk update User Tags to UIM robots using Admin Console or IM
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Bulk update User Tags to UIM robots using Admin Console or IM


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Several robots were recently deployed but did not have the user_tag keys set during the install.

Is there a way to bulk update the User Tags in CA UIM, either through Admin Console (AC) or Infrastructure Manager (IM)?


UIM 20.x
hub versions 7.7 and later
robot (controller probe) versions 7.7 and later


The user_tag values are set at either the robot level, hub level or at both the robots and hub levels.

The keys for these are found in the robot.cfg and/or the hub.cfg files.


User tags are optional values that can be attached to probe-generated messages to control access to the data in the Operator Console.

On a robot system, user tags are specified in robot.cfg (key values are os_user1 and os_user2).

In hub v7.80 if user tags do not exist in the hub.cfg file and if the os_user_retrieve_from_robot option is true (default is true), then the user tags will be copied from the robot.cfg file to the hub.cfg file when the hub restarts. After the user tags have been copied, the os_user_retrieve_from_robot option is set to false in the hub.cfg file. This allows a user to intentionally clear the user tags in the hub.cfg file at a later date.

In hub v7.70, user tags on a hub system are specified in hub.cfg (in the <hub> section via the hub probe's Raw Configure GUI keys are also os_user1 and os_user2), and user tags defined in robot.cfg are ignored.

Prior to hub v7.70, user tags on a hub system were read from robot.cfg.

By default, the user_tag keys are not set in either the robot.cfg or hub.cfg.

Depending on the version of the hub that you have installed, you can make "bulk" changes by adding the os_user1 and os_user2 keys and the corresponding values to either the hub.cfg file (in the <hub> section) or to all of the robots managed by the hub (<controller> section of the robot.cfg file).

For hub version 7.70 and later, you should only have to make the changes on the hub robot.


For hub versions prior to 7.70, you would have to make the change in the robot.cfg of every robot.

In this case, you could created a controller probe configuration only package then modify the robot.cfx file in this package so that it only contains the following:

<controller> overwrite
os_user1 = <user tag 1 value>
os_user2 = <user tag 2 value>

where you replace <user tag 1 value> and <user tag 2 value> with the user tags you want associated with the robots that you push this configuration only package out to.

It is highly recommended that you do not push this controller probe configuration only package out to the hub and set of robots managed by this hub in the same deployment group.  The recommended order would be to deploy the package to a group of robots and once that is complete, push the package out to the hub managing these robots.