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Unable to see resource_ID values in fin_cost_plan_details, any alternate tables for the same?


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 I am looking for info like which resource has generated how much cost in by cost plan. Lets consider, I have 5 resources with different rate, in total for the month of Jan 2018 cost is 5000$, now I wanted to know how much cost resource 1, Resource 2 and so on has generated. project select * from fin_plans where 1=1 and object_id=6302410 ; select * from fin_cost_plan_details where plan_id=6027027; When I ran "select * from fin_cost_plan_details where plan_id=6027027;", seeing resource_ID as blank, in which Table will I get this info.  


Component: ODPRD


That information is not available in any other PPM OLTP or DWH DB table.  Check on the PPM Schema to see if the field is filled in in FIN_COST_PLAN_DETAILS.

Fields in fin_cost_plan_details such as resoure_id, role_id, charge_code_id, will only be populated if the cost plan is grouped by the attributes.

Therefore, the only way you can get the cost by ResourceID information is by grouping a cost plan by Resource- then the Resource ID data will be updated in the FIN_COST_PLAN_DETAILS table.