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Some attribute value not readable


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CA Spectrum


A long time ago (version 9.x) a mib was added to handle InfoBlox Inc.RT devices.
Attributes are defined for some MIB leaves and used in some scripts, with no the problem in 10.2.x:
We saw the same results in 9.4.x for the show attributes command but if you compare the output in Spectrum Attributes tab and in CLI, there is a difference.

Steps to recreate:

1. Model the device as a sim
2. map the attributes. 
3. compare the values

The Mib tools results are the same = OCTET STRING: IB-1410 (ibHardwareType) = OCTET STRING: 1401201206100674 (ibHardwareId) = OCTET STRING: 1401201206100674 (ibSerialNumber) = OCTET STRING: 6.12.9 (ibNiosVersion) 

But I do not see the same value in the attributes tab. 
This is because it´s displaying in hex, even though they were modeled as an octet string. 
49.42.2d. converts to IB-1410 


Spectrum version: 10.2.3
Single landscape, fault tolerant system.


We would need to remove the current mappings by initializing the Spectrum catalog from the SSDB.
Of course, this may not always be possible, and if so, please contact support to see if they can help remove them.
It then can be resolved with no mappings as follows;

1) Modified the IB-PLATFORMONE-MIB_1 to have: 
ibHardwareType OBJECT-TYPE 
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0 .. 255)) 
ibHardwareId OBJECT-TYPE 
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0 .. 255)) 

ibSerialNumber OBJECT-TYPE 
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0 .. 255)) 

ibNiosVersion OBJECT-TYPE 
SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0 .. 255)) 

2) Import the MIB 
3) Map the mib filed to custom attributes 
4) Discover the device