VMWARE probe, how is Guest Disk free space computed
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VMWARE probe, how is Guest Disk free space computed


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How does the VMWARE probe is computing the GuestDisk/var/db_dump free space and where are the numbers taken from?


  • uim 8.5.1
  • vmware probe 7.11
  • ESX 5.5
  • VM Linux redhat 6.8


The probe uses the Managed Object Browser, which is a separate API designed specifically for other applications to grab metrics from the VMware instance. The probe grabs metrics straight from the MOB. 

You can find information's via https://<ip>/mob

The data's given by VMware probe are the same as the information given by https://<ip>/mob 

Please go to https://<IP>/mob 
login is needed 
press content 
press ha-folder-root 
press ha-data-center 
press ha-folder-vm 
next to childentity press on the number for your VM press on guests press on disk 

that should bring up the GuestDiskInfo 
capacity long 64317550592 
diskPath string "C:\" 
dynamicProperty DynamicProperty[] Unset 
dynamicType string Unset 
freeSpace long 28552278016 

The formula would be freeSpace / capacity * 100 

That is the value the probe is getting its information and not from any linux command. 

Additional Information

This youtube video is walk through the mob