Cassandra probe not showing options for QOS
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Cassandra probe not showing options for QOS


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 I have installed the cassandra_monitor probe however, I see no option to enable any metrics or alarms in the Admin console.

I can see the Cassandra server node in the GUI, but when I click to expand it, the options are not displayed for any QoS metrics or alarms. It expands into a blank screen.


DX UIM 20.4.* / 23.4.* 

Cassandra probe any version


This is caused by a misconfiguration of the probe.


The default location for Cassandra is /opt/apache/cassandra and the probe will default to this location.


In many cases Cassandra has been installed to a non-default location and this will need to be changed to reflect the appropriate paths for the Cassandra installation and the appropriate subfolders underneath the root:


This can be changed using Raw Configure: