What is the purpose of the CONCALL utility?
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What is the purpose of the CONCALL utility?


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Need that ability to run an API without having to make the program APF authorized. What will CONCALL do to help me with my problem?


Outside a processor, you can invoke programs directly via NDVRC1; however these programs must then reside in an authorized library.

The CONCALL Utility can be used to remove this authorization requirement.

Although the primary use would be for Application Program Interface (API) programs, the utility is generally usable for invoking any program (via NDVRC1) .

The Utilities Guide, 5.0 CONCALL--User Invocation Utility, Supplies the following example:


This example would cause program 'APIPGM', to be loaded from the load library designated by DD name 'MYLOAD'.
The program 'APIPGM' suggests that he program contains API calls, but this is not necessarily the case.

Note that in such a context, the alternate id facility(ALTID), is not available, since this is only the case within a processor context.