Set default values for maileater
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Set default values for maileater


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When configuring maileater, it's possible to define default values that can be used for each ticket's creation. Here are steps to define the defaults.

One can default fields such as the Urgency or Impact fields when creating a new incident, request, or problem ticket via this method and approach


Release: 14.1 or higher
Component: SVCMGT


1. Log into Service Desk Manager with an Administrator user. Access the Administrator tab and go to "Email" and click the subfolder "Mailboxes". Open the mailbox you wish to define these rules.
2. Under the "Rules" tab is a list of each rule. The TextAPI defaults need to be defined for each separate rule, it's not possible to define a "defaults" that will apply to all rules.
3. On the "Rule Detail", edit, and populate the TextAPI field with the values you wish to define. A full list of tags that you can use with Maileater is defined here:

4. An example of how you'd format the rule is as follows. If the ticket type for the rule were "Incidents" and the value you would like to define is Category (Area), you'd use:


NOTE: For a default rule you do not include a "%", which is required if you were passing the value through an email message. Also note you must include the ticket type in the value.

Additional Information

Further information on Maileater is located here: