Using a MIB Object with DisplayString value as a Metric in Dx NetOps Portal
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Using a MIB Object with DisplayString value as a Metric in Dx NetOps Portal


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Trying to capture DisplayString data via SNMP for inclusion in Table Views as a column. 

The OID targeted is defined with a value of "SYNTAX DisplayString (0 .. 255)".

In this situation this OID represents the IP address for the device. It is static and will not change post Discovery. It doesn't need to be polled.

How can we capture this value, and display it in Dx NetOps Portal in a Table Column along side other metrics for the device?


All supported releases of  Dx NetOps Performance Management


You can add it into a Certification as a new Metric, but there is no way to add it to any View or Report in Dx NetOps Portal 

We only allow selection of Polled Metrics in Views and Reports, nothing can be added that comes from a DisplayString such as Name, Description, etc. We do allow some other fields, specifically on interfaces but that is the limit.

What if it was polled and had the same value all the time?
We only support metrics that are numbers to be polled. Since it's not a number, we can't poll it.

This is hard coded there is no custom/automatic adding of fields.

OpenAPI would not have access to the new metric field either.

We do have custom attributes on devices and interfaces that can be created. Need to use REST to set these values on the items in the Data Aggregator (DA). That info is synced to Dx NetOps Portal and can be added to Views and Reports.


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  • Submit an Enhancement Request via an Idea Post in the Dx NetOps Portal Community Forum for consideration.
  • Engage Services to see if a customization to accomplish this goal is possible.